Tsunami - Natural Disaster

On December 26, 2004 , the day after Christmas, the world woke to the startling news of a major earthquakes


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About Freedom Society:

Freedom SocietyFreedom Society is one such organization dedicated towards the upliftment of weaker sections of society and building a new India. Their dream is to see a united India, socially, economically and morally developed country which treats every one with dignity and respect. One family working towards this dream is the Singhs. Mrs. Alka Arora Singh and Sardar Arvindar Singh. This couple in their own ways has been dedicatedly striving to bring about positive change and upliftment in India. They organized Bharat Ekta Andolan”, which is dedicated to the noble cause of national integration & bringing about communal harmony. Through this organization he has tried to promote a message of showing tolerance and respect towards the views of every citizen of our country. He has tried to remove communalism, racialism, provincialism, linguistic problems and casteism.

Bharat Ekta Andolan organization has conferred him “BHARAT KA MAHAN SAPUT & BHARAT EKTA” award for his persistence dedication and commitment towards nation building and integration of various diverse Indian parts. He also organized several relief camps & donated fodder, sugar canes for the famine affected reas of Rajasthan. During this period, they dispatched 16 Train loads containing 40 wagons each to Rajasthan & Gujarat. As a firm believer in prayers Sardar Arvinder Singh also organized “Sarva Dharma Maha Sammelan”, where various religious heads came together in order to promote a message of peace and unity in India and other countries.

Freedom Society is a unique organization in its own way. Here the people involved have a strong backing of experience and moral values. With consistent and dedicated efforts the members of the organization are trying to bring in a positive change in our society. This organization is working in the areas of education, health, social justice, tribal upliftment, sports and many more. India is a developing country and needs to focus on many areas like tribal upliftment, social justice and sports. Health of women and children are a major concern even after more than half a century of freedom. Our education is not yet inclusive of many open minded ideas and methods of teaching. These areas need serious reforms and this is what Freedom Society is bound to concentrate in.


Freedom Society envisions a society in South Asia where Dalit Communities, especially women, live with dignity, have equal opportunity and are treated with social and economic justice.


Freedom Society has been driven by the mission of partnering in the struggle to eliminate caste-based discrimination and ensuring equal rights for all.

The Objectives of freedom Society are to:

  1. Eradicate untouchability, social discrimination and caste-based atrocities, giving special attention to Dalit women.
  2. Provide support for livelihood, education, health, housing and insurance for laborers in the unorganized sector.
  3. Provide justice in and ensure rights over land, water bodies, villages and forests.
  4. Improve the public lookout of a Dalit.

India varies in many aspects, like cultures, beliefs, economy classes and education and growth levels. It is the objective of Freedom Society to reduce this disparity and generate jobs, growth opportunities and health systems in country in order to bring about overall growth. Through many events, programs and operations freedom Society is involved in combating disease, poverty, casteism and many more problems caused due to natural disasters.
Freedom Society has gone to far extremes when required and has given all that it has taken ranging from financial build up, social upliftment, moral support and many more areas in which members have done consistent and tireless work. Freedom Society is that one shelter which takes in all and tries to relive one of his/her problems. More than an Ngo it is a home to one and all.

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