Tsunami - Natural Disaster

On December 26, 2004 , the day after Christmas, the world woke to the startling news of a major earthquakes


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Freedom SocietySoon we are going to conduct a Teachers Training Programme in this slum to make sure that the children get the best of guidance and help from the trained teacher.And many more new projects we are planning in near future in the interest of these poor and needy children and young girls.

We have put down every sphere of our involvement in this slum and would also like to work together in upcoming projects of humanitarian work for poor and needy people of other slums.


In 2009 an act was passed to facilitate right to compulsory and free education for children, but education hasn’t reached every child in our developing country. This is Alka Arora Singh who has firm belief that education is the most important tool a child should be strengthened with. It helps them realizes his or her potential....more


Children do not only need education via theoretical instructional information but also practical life experience. The best way to mold ones character is through games and sports. Sports make children strong not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. Physically disabled children have shown unbelievable strength...more

Tribal Upliftment

This is a category of people living in the most primitive manner. They are normally found in societies of their own. They don’t have any specific specialization of work. They have a chief who manages their activities and controls the functioning of the group. They have their own system in place. Over a period of time they have ...more


Health in India has been a major cause of concern. India has eradicated many serious diseases like small pox and plague but many are spreading at a fast pace. For example victims of AIDS and HIV in northeastern part of India are increasing in large scale. The World health organization has already warned of the spreading disease....more

Social Justice

Caste system in India is as old as its history. Since more than 3000 years certain sectors of society have been systematically and institutionally marginalized and deprived of their basic civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights in every aspect of life. According to the constitution of India, Dalits are sectored under schedule castes and schedule tribes....more

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