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Efforts of NGO for education of the disabled children

EducationIn 2009 an act was passed to facilitate right to compulsory and free education for children, but education hasn’t reached every child in our developing country. This is Alka Arora Singh who has firm belief that education is the most important tool a child should be strengthened with. It helps them realizes his or her potential.

Education opens new vistas of mind and helps develop a good personality and configure his thoughts. Children with right education can not only make better decisions and have sense of self but also show respect and love towards others. This helps in developing social and moral values. Educated children would make better citizens and have a positive and valuable participation in democracy. India being a vast country and varied in many facets is still a developing nation. The consensus show that education has not reached every child in India and is too far from the goal. According to the 2002 consensus, only 53% of occupancy has primary schools and 20% has secondary schools. Average higher primary schools are at least 3 km away in almost 22% areas. It is a very sad state of our rural India that less than two teachers are available at a time to teach classes I to V in nearly Education60% of schools. In a country where nearly 40 % of children in the age group of 6-8 haven’t seen a school we just cannot think of the plight of children who have some disability. Children who have been born with some malfunctioning part of the body do not have any place in mainstream and are just not considered any productive section of growing India.

Freedom Society is working day and night for these children, to make them self reliant and self dependant. We have been not just a ray of hope but a guiding light for these disabled children as it renders to their emotional needs along with opportunities to live with respect and dignity. A life without self worth and abuse is what disabled children have seen especially in rural India and this is what Freedom Society is determined to change. Many special programs are run in order to bring joy in their life. They get good education and knowledge to develop their personality and live a happy life. The current suicide cases in cities show the amount of stress an average child goes through. The emotional trauma caused due to competition, peer pressure and global uncertainty makes parents impose strict rules on children.

Alka Arora Singh at Freedom Society NGO has been finding solutions to these problems and enriching lives of million through sustained efforts. Education has also proved its power by helping young widows live a dignified life. NGO has gone too far extremes in reaching out to widows of all ages and all strata of society in modern India. These women live a better life. Discrimination in India is not new. Girls are not sent to school. Where a girl child is dark skinned is cursed and looked down, needless to say the treatment she gets if she is disabled by birth. Education for such girls, women and widows is out of question. Alka Arora Singh at Freedom Society is bringing in a huge change by changing minds and beliefs. Education can bring in light and better thinking into the minds of millions. This is what Freedom Society has been doing tirelessly. Modern India is on a threshold of change and our NGO is a humble and major stakeholder in building it with valor and vigor.

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