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Social Justice

Social JusticeCaste system in India is as old as its history. Since more than 3000 years certain sectors of society have been systematically and institutionally marginalized and deprived of their basic civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights in every aspect of life. According to the constitution of India, Dalits are sectored under schedule castes and schedule tribes. India is a developing country and has time and cultural differentiations within it. Certain parts are very well developed whereas many are lagging behind in time and growth.  In the poorer states and regions of India a Dalit hasn’t changed much. He gets same treatment as he used to get with a little difference. Largely they are treated as untouchables. With all sorts of discrimination and oppressions, they perform the most menial jobs for their living. Their population is spread over south Asia and a major percentage lives in India alone.

Ms. Alka Arora Singh being a sensitive lady towards such issue has taken up the challenge. As a result Freedom Society has marched ahead in the direction to empower Dalits through its various programs, events and campaigns.  

Social JusticeThese programs for enhancement of Dalit community have included education, Health Care and Social Development. In these programs of Freedom Society the basic focus is as follows:

Education with Freedom Society:

  1. Provide basic utilities and amenities to children for education.
  2. Facilitate and ran training camps, coaching centers, hostels, financial assistance for higher education. 
  3. Residential homes and shelters for better education.
  4. Promotion of cultural and student exchange programs among various communities.

Health Care with Freedom Society:

  1. Setting up of medical clinics providing health care and to women and children on large scale.
  2. To make health care an important latter in each home.
  3. Provide medical assistance and free regular medical checkups to the poor.

Development with Freedom Society:

  1. Development of life style and self confidence building through various projects.
  2. Providing job oriented training programs to youth.
  3. Projects oriented towards helping family generate income, like starting a home business.

One of the main core projects that freedom Society has been involved is the Medical Camp:

Freedom has been concentrating on the health front for Dalits on a large scale. Importance of health reforms in India is known by the fact that majority of rural India still is far away from modern medical science and its benefits. There are many Indias in India.   Those which have hospitals mushroomed in a small area and those where a clinic is found in some distant land miles away. Freedom Society gets movable clinics to such places and provides free treatments much required to the elderly and small children. Transport system in India doesn’t provide for emergencies and ambulance service everywhere. Freedom Society works in these gaps.


  1. Freedom Society supports various new initiatives led by Dalits in neglected areas, while strengthening existing movements by giving grants and other capacity building inputs.
  2. Promoting new leaders committed to the ideology of equality and equal rights for all and giving them financial support in the form of fellowships.
  3. Freedom Society supports voluntary organizations to access government programs.
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