Tsunami - Natural Disaster

On December 26, 2004 , the day after Christmas, the world woke to the startling news of a major earthquakes


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SportsChildren do not only need education via theoretical instructional information but also practical life experience. The best way to mold ones character is through games and sports. Sports make children strong not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. Physically disabled children have shown unbelievable strength and have achieved unimaginable abilities. For example, using teeth for painting and writing in the absence of limbs is common amongst disabled children. Such admirable courage and dedication to succeed is seen in many disabled children. This is exactly the spirit which calls for an action, some encouragement and a helping hand.

There are many children in India who have become disabled due to many unfortunate reasons. Many of these include natural disasters like floods, earthquakes and many more. Thousands of helpless children who have lost their parents and are crying for government help need immediate attention. Even if many have been able to cope up with life, their life is still in darkness. Educations, health, love and understanding is far from their reach. India doesn’t have a stronginfrastructure for sports. Few privileges ones have been able to avail certain sports facilities. Disabled children only dream of such sports initiatives from government side. But Freedom Society is an NGO who has recognized this gap and is dedicated in bringing joy into the lives of millions of disabled children.

SportsDisabled children have special needs. Their sports are different and emotional encouragement means a lot to them. All that a disabled child wants is a few words of praise and appreciation and given a chance he/she can do wonders. Freedom Society provides the right equipment. Holds sports meets and teaches these children various games suitable for them. They are made aware of various personalities and inspire them towards reaching heights. Mrs. Alka Arora Singh at Freedom Society constantly takes up events and programs to bring real life sports and these children as close as possible. These events not only motivate them but also draw a personalized program for each child in order to develop a sense of self-worth and make him/her feel that he is just like any other child. She also arranges sports programs which are based on researched and scientific approach. We at Freedom Society give utmost attention to the effects of every thing that we do on the mental and emotional setup of a child. Mentors, educationalist, thinkers and helper from every field pour in their support and help us make all these life changing events for our children.

Sports events at Freedom Society have made a mark in these children making them stand for themselves, fight against all odds and face with integrity, courage and confidence. We have famous people from various fraternities who come over and spend time with these children. Rural children need the most attention and freedom society has been doing exceptionally well by providing sports facilities to disabled children. India needs to grow in many areas. Sports may be far away in its list of priorities. But disabled children have achieved admirable success in showing unbelievable courage and found out ways to showcase their talent. They draw, paint, sing, dance, play in bands, make creative items and do many more activities. In no way are these children less than any normal child. Seeing their will power and dedication it becomes our duty to provide them with the best we can. A small smile, a small appreciative sentence and a caring hand is all they need. There is no disability than the disability of mind and emotional strength this is what they have been saying through their actions. Freedom Society is an NGO who is doing all the best it can to keep this spirit and light high in so called disabled children.

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