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Tribal Upliftment with Freedom Society

Tribal UpliftmentUnless you live in a mid town or a rural area of India you wouldn’t know what a tribal is.

This is a category of people living in the most primitive manner. They are normally found in societies of their own. They don’t have any specific specialization of work. They have a chief who manages their activities and controls the functioning of the group. They have their own system in place. Over a period of time they have developed their medical systems and have regional knowledge. The have strong belief system and stringent rules of their society. These tribal societies are very far away from development and have not seen much improvement even after independence. Few are settled in cities and have a mainstream life. The problems that these tribal societies face are basically of education and health. Their stringent rules of superstitious nature don’t allow them to develop in many ways. Wrong ideas and these superstitions need a touch of scientific explanation and bringing light into their life. They are also prey to wrong habits, addictions and diseases.

Due to poor sanitation and believes they are have been caught in a viscous circle of Tribal Upliftmentvarious types of malnutrition.Their nutrition chart shows very low levels than the standard.  As an NGO, Freedom Society has been tryingto develop them in all these areas of health, sanitation, removal of superstitions, disease prevention and bringing in education and knowledge. Here, Mrs.  Alka Arora Singh, Founder of this NGO, is talking pain for all these causes.

We have been forest dwellers since many generations and most continue to do so even no. Hence they are named as Vanvasi, Vanyajati, Paharis, Anusuchit jatis, Anusuchit Jamatis and Adivasis. These tribal constitute around 8.08% of the total Indian population. Out of this tribal population around 80% is found in central India.
Their literacy rates are extremely low. Government is trying its level best to improve the socio economic condition and has been spending a lot on the same. Tribal societies have not yet entered the mainstream and are not yet a part of the developing force of the nation.

Freedom Society is determined to bring them into the mainstream and making them a driving force of our nation. We carry out its own surveys and research in order to be updated on the latest data on these tribal societies. The development in tribes as compared to rest societies can be figured out by the literacy rate which is only 29.60 per cent which is 52.21 per cent of the country as a whole (1991 Census). The female literacy rate is only 18.19 per cent whereas the national female literacy rate is 39.29 per cent. Freedom Society has been carrying out many programs to educate these tribal societies and make them aware of many government opportunities that they can avail of. We have helped these tribes in building a strong ground for themselves. Having no know-how of modern agriculture and water reservation these tribes cultivated their lands depending on uncertain rainfall.

Freedom Society has not only given them the direction in being self dependant and bettering their agriculture, but developed their residential colonies. With various programs that we have employed, they have now developed themselves in many areas like use of finances, moral values and mainly freedom from superstitions and addictions. With the various programs that Freedom Society is undertaking tribal societies are moving in mainstream society. It is making the tribal societies self reliant and instilling self confidence. They are now realizing the importance of education in today’s world and have started making a mark for themselves. Their expertise includes various archery, music, dances, paintings like vadli paintings, hunting, in-depth knowledge of herbs and many more. Many are into agriculture and also have started implementing modern methods of farming. It is an aim and focused dream of Alka Arora Singh via Freedom Society that tribes would not be known as they are today and would be a productive and driving force of modern India.

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